How To Use Bricks

Bricks is a pure frontend drag & drop website builder for WordPress. You can build your entire site in real time on one screen. No switching forth and back between your WordPress dashboard and the builder. You might even forget you are editing with WordPress 😄

How Editing With Bricks Works

After you have activated your Bricks license you can edit any Bricks-enable post type by clicking the Edit with Bricks link when hovering over the post/page title in your WordPress dashboard, which will then load the Bricks builder:

You can change the supported post types under Bricks > Settings > Post Types.

The Builder Interface

The builder is composed of two main areas: PANEL and PREVIEW

Action buttons

Action buttons are located at the left side of the panel and give you access to a multitude of functionality:

  • Add Elements (via drag and drop in to the preview area on the right)
  • Sections (edit and reorder sections)
  • Settings (presets, global, page, and template settings)
  • Preview (last saved version in new browser tab)
  • Publish (optional: only visible for unpublished pages)
  • Save (every save generates a new revision)
  • Notifications (such as setting a template type etc.)
  • Revisions (snapshots of the last 100 saves)
  • Templates (your own templates and community templates)
  • Posts/Pages (edit a different page or create new a page)
  • Edit in WordPress (brings you back to the WordPress dashboard)
  • Switch editing mode (desktop/mobile)
  • Toggle Panel (show/hide)

How To Insert And Edit An Element

From the panel on the left you can drag and drop elements into the preview area on the right. Editing your page in real time shows you exactly what your website visitors will see once you save and publish a page. Whenever you edit an element or setting, the panel shows you all relevant conrols. You can resize the panel by grabbing and dragging it on its right.