Custom Code (CSS & JS)

There are two types of custom code:  Custom CSS and Custom JavaScript

Global Settings & Page Settings contain a Custom Code group for adding your own custom CSS & JavaScript.

Custom CSS

All elements and building blocks (column/row/section) have a Custom CSS group under the Style tab. You can use the root placeholder to target the currently editing element.

Custom JavaScript

Bricks allows you to add custom scripts (JavaScript) in three locations:

  • Header scripts: Adds your scripts right before closing </head> tag. This is where you want to copy & paste yor Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager tracking code. Make sure to paste your code under "Global Settings > Custom Code > Header scripts" to track all your website pages.
  • Body (header) scripts: Adds your scripts right after opening <body> tag.
  • Body (footer) scripts: Adds your scripts right before closing </body> tag.