Unsplash Integration (Commercially Free Photos)

It is very difficult to find and expensive to buy good website photography. Especially when you want to use it commercially. But there is hope.

Unsplash.com, the world's most generous community of photographers, allows you use their photography royality free (commercial use included). No linking back or attribution required. Unsplash operates under their "do whatever you want" license.

You can search through and download any Unsplash photo right from within Bricks by clicking the " Browse Unsplash" button below any image control. This opens a popup which gives you access to the entire Unsplash library of hundred of thousands of free photos.

One Click Photo Download

Hover over any photo and click the "Download" button to download a photo from Unsplash into your WordPress media library. All resizing is done automatically in the background for you.

How To Generate An Unsplash API Key

In order to get access to the Unsplash photo library you need to create an Unsplash API key. It's free and only takes two minutes.

1 create an Unsplash developer account if you don't already have one: https://unsplash.com/developers

2. Login and visit: https://unsplash.com/oauth/applications

3. Click "New Application", check all the boxes and click "Accept terms"

4. Fill out the application name and description and click "Create application"

5. Scroll down to "Keys" and copy the "Access key"

6. Now head back the the Bricks builder and go to Settings > Global Settings > API Keys and paste your Unsplash API key under "Unsplash API access key". Then click save.

If you click on "Browse Unsplash" below any image control the latest Unsplash photos should appear, ready for you to download.