Template Settings

When editing a template you can access the "Template Settings" by clicking the "Settings" (cog) icon on the left side of the panel. You will see the following template settings groups:


Only available when editing a header template.

Template Conditions

Template Conditions allow you to tell Bricks where on your site to show your template. Typical use cases for setting template conditions are:

  • Header Templates
  • Footer Templates
  • Post Type "Post"
  • Archive
  • Search
  • Error Page

You can choose from several template conditionals such as:

  • Entire website
  • Front page
  • Post type
  • Archive
  • Search
  • Terms
  • Error page

Template Preview

A template preview image serves as a thumbnail for your template under "My Templates".

Preview content type lets you preview a specific type of content to see how this template looks like with it.